Kidney function testing

A person’s kidneys play a very important role in ensuring the body is healthy and is eliminating its toxins correctly. These organs act as a filter for a person’s blood, leaving it clean and efficient and expelling excess materials and toxins in the form of urine. Kidneys also have different jobs, like producing vitamin D, red blood cells or certain hormones that regulate blood pressure. Surely, such important organs need to be kept as healthy as possible.

Even though you should typically check the health of your kidneys every once in a while, you should also do tests if you see any symptoms of a possible kidney problem. These symptoms include high blood pressure, blood in your urine or an urge to urinate more often, painful urination or swollen hands or feet. Urine-related symptoms are very easy to detect, and if you see any of them, contact a physician to get tested immediately.

There are multiple kinds of kidney tests, each designed to check different things in your kidneys:

  • Blood tests – follow the level of certain products in your kidneys which are essential in filtering waste from your blood
  • Imaging tests – focus on the structure, size, and position of your kidneys
  • Kidney biopsies – to identify specific diseases or to check the progress of an ongoing kidney transplant
  • Urine tests – to check the amount and composition of toxins leaving your body

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Kidney function testing