Heart checks (EKG & ultrasound)

The main reason why heart disease are so widely spread is the fact that they can appear due to multiple causes – family history, stress, bad nutrition, not enough exercise, just to name a few. Diagnosing them early is key to treating them correctly, and there are a few tests which are key to observing heart conditions: Electrocardiograph (EKG) tests and Echocardiogram (echo) tests.

Curious to know the difference? First off, an EKG is the most common test for heart conditions. You have most probably been through one, if not several, over the course of your life so far. During the test, a machine records the rhythm of your heart on a paper, using a series of electrodes which are placed on your chest, arms, and legs. The main benefit of the test is that it shows if your heart muscle is damaged or lacks oxygen.

On the other hand, an echo test uses sound waves in order to assess the structure of your heart and valves. This test can be performed using an external probe, or an internal one placed in your esophagus – which has the benefit of avoiding multiple layers of your chest.

Both tests are good in their own way. While an EKG is great as a first test, because it detects any irregularities in the functioning if your heart, an echo test is required to see structural issues and how blood flows through your heart. These tests are both non-invasive and require the interpretation of a physician or cardiologist.

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Heart checks (EKG & ultrasound)