Urine drug testing

Drug testing refers to the evaluation of a person’s urine, blood or other biological samples in order to find out if the person has been using any sort of drugs. In the United States, these tests are done for a wide variety of reasons – ranging from employment drug testing (pre-hiring or random), safety-related drug testing or post-accident testing, up to drug testing for college or professional athletes.

Currently, urine samples are most commonly used when screening for drugs and are the only acceptable way to do so under federal law. Although signs of drug abuse can remain in a person’s hair or other parts of his body for longer periods of time, urine samples are much easier to use and a lot more cost-effective. Drug abuse is a growing issue in the United States and can take many forms: from abusing hard drugs like cocaine or heroin to abusing prescription drugs like Valium or Xanax, all addictions are equally dangerous and can have severe consequences in the workplace.

Thankfully, screening for drugs is now very common in the United States and is a great way for a company to filter out potential issues. If you want to schedule a urine drug test for yourself, or want to develop a wider schedule for your employees or the company you represent, consult our Contact Us page for more information.

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