Diabetic testing

Diabetes is currently affecting 29 million children and adults in the United States. With this kind of numbers, you would expect the general public know-how about this disease to be relatively good. Not only do most people don’t know the symptoms of the disease, but they also fail to recognize it early enough or treat it effectively. Living with diabetes is not easy since it requires a complete overhaul of one’s lifestyle.

There are two tests physicians use to test for the presence of diabetes. The Fasting Plasma Glucose test is the first and most common one, since it’s easy to do, non-invasive and less expensive than other options. You simply need to avoid eating for around 8 hours before the test, and then give a dose of blood for lab analysis. If your blood sugar levels are in the normal threshold (70-100 milligrams per dL) but present other signs of diabetes, you might need a second test – a Casual Plasma Glucose test. This one is easier since it doesn’t require you to abstain from eating beforehand. If the test returns results of over 200 mg/dL, diabetes is more likely than not to be present.

Treating the disease early and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are keys to battling with diabetes and keeping your blood sugar levels under control. If you want to undergo diabetic testing in the Sterling Heights area or need an opinion about how your disease is progressing or is being controlled, visit the Contact Us section of the website and schedule a visit to our clinic. Our team of trained professionals will be waiting with their experience, their professionalism, and a smile.