Annual physical examinations

The habit of seeing your doctor once a year for an annual Physical examination has been a central point of the United States health care system for longer than we can remember. Although many of these visits can be attributed to obligation or tradition rather than a medical condition, they are still deeply rooted in our collective belief. But if you really think about it, how often should you see your physician?

Recent studies suggest that seeing your doctor once a year or more often is only required in two cases. One, obviously, if you require medical care or suffer from a condition which needs to be kept under observation. The other case is at the beginning of your relationship with a new physician. Even in this case, medical professional recommend the actual testing and lab work to be kept to a minimum, and the focus of these visits to be switched to medical and social history. In other words, focus on building a working relationship with your physician, just as you would with any other person who provides you services on a consistent basis.

If you’re looking for a physician who can offer these annual physical examinations in Sterling Heights, look no further than Dr. Sandulescu from Dumitru Medical Center. Dr. Dimitri (the name by which he goes around his patients) is a physician with more than 25 years of experience in Internal medicine. He also has knowledge from other specialties like gynecology, surgery or acupuncture – meaning that he and his professional and dedicated team are the perfect place for your annual check-ups.

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